Snuff in Stamford; A Celebration of the Life of Ben Ramone Thompson



Jan 20th 2024.  A Celebration of the Life of Ben Ramone Thompson with a lineup of acts that he loved xxx
With an acoustic Snuff headline (full band), Misfortune Cookie, Mark Murphy, & A Great Notion.

Ben came to many of our gigs, and we have some classic pictures and memories of him at those shows.  He also was hugely into his music (and it in vinyl form), and we know had many friends across the UK in bands who he often would chat with.

“On a recent visit to see Emma, she mentioned that Holly (Ben’s Daughter) thought it would be cool to put on a gig in Ben’s name. How can you refuse? So we have a lineup of some of Ben’s fave UK acts to be announced very soon. The idea is to have a party as this would have been 2 days before Ben’s next birthday, and celebrate with great music and fun tales of Ben.”

Doors 7.30pm,   Music ends 10.30pm, bar upstairs open till the early hours.TICKETS ON THE DOOR ONLY NOW – 10 LEFT 


SNUFF (full band intimate acoustic) – legends of the UK DIY Scene on Fat Wreck Chords – back for the 3rd? SCP gig – it is full band, but they are releasing a new ‘acoustic’ album, so are stripping back their songs to play in a more intimate way.  Mama Liz’s is pretty intimate so a great venue to experience this.
MISFORTUNE COOKIE – a band beloved of Ben, and the Scary Clown posse.
MARK MURPHY – No Marks / Crocodile God – and a good friend of Ben’s
A GREAT NOTION – Ben’s favourite local band (sorry the rest of you!)

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Skate-Aid 9 Punk All-Dayer

skate-aid 9 punk gig poster


Sat 17th June 2023 – SOMD OUT

The usual big day of bands, vegan BBQ, and even more bands!  Raising money for the amazing Skate-aid charity.  Now in our 9th year!  1pm start – 10.30pm finish downstairs (you can stay and boogie upstairs to the DJs till LATE).  SOLD OUT!


Evening do downstairs
Riskie & the Riddicule 9.45pm 10.30pm Mama Lizs opens 12 noon!
Casual Nausea 9pm 9.30pm Doors to Voodoo Lounge 1pm
In Evil Hour 8.15pm 8.45pm
Kicked in the Teeth 7.30pm 8pm BBQ 2pm 6pm
Electric Press 6.45pm 7.15pm (or whenever stock is sold out!)
Mondo Wave 6pm 6-30pm
Acoustic behind the main bar
Mark Murphy 5pm 5.30pm
Brad & his Grandad 4.30pm 4.55pm Beer Garden
Floetrizzle and RastaBabe3 4pm 4.25pm Battle Lines 4 5.50pm
First session downstairs
Yur Mum 3-30pm 4pm
Soviet Films 2-45pm 3-15pm
Shreds 2pm 2.30pm
The Morphics 1-15pm 1-45pm



Riskee and the Ridicule
Casual Nausea
In Evil Hour
Yur Mum
Kicked in the Teeth
Mondo Wave
Electric Press
Soviet Films
Mark Murphy
Floetrizzle and RastaBabe3
The Morphics
Brad & his Grandad

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Spoilers Blow the Ostrich Away

spoilers gig ostrich

Our friends the SPOILERS are bringing their new album and plenty of catchy punk tunes on the road, and we will capture them and make them play at the Ostrich Inn, Peterborough, on Saturday, 17th November.

Also bringing the banging tunes are pboro’s finest, THE DEADITES, plus a band who played their first gig at our all dayer recently, the already bloody good SPRAINER.

It’s not a party without MARK MURPHY – a real Scary Clown veteran – his bands the No Marks and Crocodile God have rocked our gigs many times previously.

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