We’ve supported quite a few good causes which are close to our hearts – donating money from our BBQ / Craft beer / collections at the gigs.

It’s important not to be rebels without a cause – and any good we can do with our gigs (apart from making us all feel happier) is a great use of our energy.

Charities and Causes we have supported

Skate-aid – over £1,000 raised across our 4 (and soon 5) Skate-aid all dayers.

Hunt Saboteurs Association – all three of us have been sabs in our younger days, and many of our friends have been and still are.  So a cause very close to us.

Borderland Brawlers – our local roller-derby team.  We’ve put on several benefit gigs for these lovely people.

Peterborough Soup kitchen – we usually ask people to bring chocolate bars to our Xmas party gig to give to our local soup kitchen

Sea Shepherd UK – the hunt sabs of the seas.  Brave nutters!