The Scary Clown Presents... our bass cab!

The Scary Clown Presents… our bass cab!

OK so in 2017 we decided to try and get together some kind of backline for bands to use, to save you all lugging cabs and drums with you.  Free to use by the bands playing our shows (Hardly be very punk if we charged you would it??).

We currently have:

  • Brand full drum kit – Ludwig Super Classic with 24″ kick-drum
  • Bass cab:  400w Hartke 4×10
  • Guitar cab: Marshall 1936 2×12 150w 

You’ll need to bring the usual breakables and heads – and if you’re a band who need more than one guitar cab you’ll need to bring one – unless we’ve organised another band on the line-up to bring theirs.

Our first purchase, sept 2017: 8ohm 400w (probably 300w RMS) Hartke VX bass cab [details here], all shiny and new.

Added in Oct 2017; a brand new Marshall 1936 2×12 cab.our marshall 1936 2x12

  • Speaker Type: Celestion G12T-75
  • Speaker Configuration: 2 x 12″
  • Power (RMS): 150W
  • Impedance (Mono): 8 Ohm, (Stereo): 16 Ohm

New kit (to us) March 2024 – full Ludwig Super Classic set of drum shells.  We are told this is a pretty high-end kit for its time and a mental one to have as a house kit, but we do like to treat the bands! 😀

  • 24″ rock set-up, 12,13, 16″ toms.
  • All toms/bass drum fitted with Remo heads
  • Full hardware and 3 cymbal stands inc high-hat
  • Basic set of cymbals if really needed
  • Includes snare if required (let us know – it’s never be played)

ludwig super classic house drums



Our main venue of choice, Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge, has a fantastic custom PA set-up (based around a state of the art Behringer x32 mixing desk), with plenty of stage monitors and a team of sound experts on a rota to look after you.  They’ve got a ton of stage mics and DI boxes and know what they are doing!  The new speaker system more than fills the 125 capacity room.

PA spec: HK Audio rig, Turbosound monitors, X32 desk, Crown amps.