SCP Announcement….

Hi folks. So this year will be the last for The Scary Clown Presents. Locally, and further afield we’ve hit saturation point with stuff going on and its not sustainable for us personally to continue.
It’s not all bad though is it? There’s soooo much stuff going on now that ya can’t go to everything can you? So, we’ve decided to call it a day before we start trying to emotionally blackmail people to come to our stuff. We’ve built up bigger and better over the years but recent times have shown us that there’s a bigger financial risk to take and its getting too stressful on us as individuals to be worrying about if we’re going to be able to break even or lose out of our own pockets.
Anyway, we still have 6 more gigs this year including an all-dayer (Skate-aid 10) so we’re not quite hanging up our Clown Shoes yet. So please do get tix and come join us a few more times (Xmas is our freebie final party at the Ostrich)
Just a heads up.
Matty, Krispy, Jonny 10th May 2024.

The Scary Clown Presents is DIY punk rock collective, bringing the best ‘punk’ bands to venues in and around Peterborough and Stamford.  Our main core is a small and imperfect team of friends; Matty, Krispy and Jonny – but we are helped by many good friends in the local scene.  We SOLD OUT our first compilation; a 33 track double vinyl album – released on 28th Jan 2019.  We now sell the compilation digital-only on our Bandcamp page.

With a DIY ethic at its core, passion over fashion, unity, non-profit shows. Door money pays for venues and bands. Party!

We put on 10 or so gigs a year, usually at the fantastic Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge venue in Stamford, although we are Peterborough lads really!.  We have started putting smaller / acoustic shows on with the Ostrich Inn, a fantastic small ‘local’ pub in the centre of Pboro town.  If you’re a band looking to join one of our nights, the best way is to get in touch via our Facebook page here, let us know who you are, with links to music stream / video / your Facebook page etc so if we’ve not heard your stuff before we can get an idea. We are non-profit, but always at least cover band costs – we always guarantee an amount and it’s NOT based on door share/selling a number of tickets – we’re not monsters 😉  More about us and our stuff here.

  • The fucking champions of UK DIY xxxAlex Wonk, Wonk Unit.
Left 2 right Matty Jonny Krispy - the scary clowns

Left 2 right Matty Jonny Krispy – the scary clowns

We’ve been putting on DIY Punk shows for eight years now, and still bloody well enjoy it!  We’ve been adding 1-3 free entry shows at the Ostrich Inn to our usual 8 or so at Mama Liz’s in Stamford per year.  While we always try and use at least one local band, we focus on getting the best of the scene from across the UK, and also further afield.  The list of bands we’ve put on is constantly growing, but includes Discharge (10th anniversary show), Snuff, Wonk Unit (many times), Guns n Wankers, Bar Stool Preachers, Pizza Tramp, Menstrual Cramps, Brassick, Knife Club, Casual Nausea, Follow Your Dreams, Burning Flag, Roughneck Riot, Tom Holiston, Frankie Stubbs, Diaz Brothers, Zero Again, Bad Sam, Human Project, The Werecats, The Raging Nathans, Vanilla Pod, Wolfbeast Destroyer, Beverley Kills, The Atoms, The Tokyo Rankers, Nosebleed, A Great Notion, Soviet Films, Calva Louise, Matildas Scoundrels, Snakerattlers, Meansteed, Perkie, Lilith Ai, Crocodile God, The Traits, Airstream Futures, The No Marks, Deadbeat at Dawn, Ducking Punches, Burnt Tapes, Greg Rekus, Tim Holehouse, Natterers, Bear Trade, The Siknotes, Darko, No Contest, Great Cynics, Southport, River Jumpers, The Opostates, The Deadites, Tuscoma, Pardon us, Janus Stark, Petrol Boys, Hummer, The Kirkz, The Crash Mats, Spoilers, Grand Collapse, The Kimberly Steaks, Aerial Salad, Don Blake, Petrol Girls, Kicked in the teeth, The Muffin Heads, Sinful Maggie, Blind Man Death Stare, The Murderburgers, Dave Smalley and the Bandoleros, Bad Sam, Travis Cut, The Crippens,  Punch Drunk, Miloy, Haest, Laserchrist and tons more – see our gig fliers and posters here.

The Scary Clown Presents are all about putting on a great show – a party that is safe for everyone.  Our shows get a lot of regulars, who are our friends (old and new), and we always make bands feel welcome – the bands having a good time is as important to us as the punters. We are anti-racist, anti-fascist, pro-unity, pro-animal rights.