The Scary Clown Presents is DIY punk rock collective, bringing the best bands around to venues in and around Peterborough and Stamford.  The main core is a small and imperfect team of friends; Matty, Krispy and Jonny – but we are helped by many good friends in the local scene.

With a DIY ethic at its core, passion over fashion, unity, non-profit shows. Door money pays for venues and bands. Party!

We put on 4-6 gigs a year, usually at the fantastic Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge venue in Stamford, although we are Peterborough lads really, but struggle to find a venue to match.  We have started putting smaller / acoustic shows on with the Ostrich Inn, a fantastic small ‘local’ pub in the centre of Pboro town.  If you’re a band looking to join one of our nights, the best way is to get in touch via our Facebook page here, let us know who you are, with links to music stream / video / your Facebook page etc so if we’ve not heard your stuff before we can get an idea. We are non-profit, but always at least cover band costs – we pay agreed amount and it’s not based on door share/selling a number of tickets – we’re not monsters 😉  More about us and our stuff here.

Wonk Unit Pizza Tramp and Scary Clown

Wonk Unit &  Pizza Tramp and Scary Clowns Matty & Krispy