We thought we’d list some of the bands we admire / have had the good fortune to host / want to have play for us!  Obviously just started the list, and I’m drinking.. I may forget this page exists for a few months!

Fecking Ace Punk Bands

The Deadites – Sadly now split up, but were our very own label, with their 2nd album being our 2nd ever release, 300 copies on black vinyl.

Aerial Salad – those young Manchester punk scamps tearing it up across the scene.

Pizza Tramp – three-piece two chord thrash punk crossover band from the hard streets of South Wales.  Fast as fuck and one of the most exciting bands on the scene at the moment.

Wonk Unit – long time Scary Clown friends, who return time after time to revel in the wonk fam love.

Snuff – legends of our scene, who have now played for us twice (and we’ve also had Duncan play acoustic, and he’s bought Guns and Wankers too)

Roughneck Riot – a total wall of sound, and a fantastic band.  ‘Folk’ punk with political attitude from “up north”.

The Atoms – do-wap surf punk and fast and and tight as you like.  Great band who always put on a great show.

Spoilers – I think our tight a feck friends from Kent have played a show for us every year since they formed, and we always love having em back!

Punch Drunk – once played twice during an all dayer to help us out.

Vanilla Pod [no more… their final gig was amazing!] – these crazy boys have been part of the DIY Punk scene for long enough to have fathered many illegitimate spin off bands.  Just keep em away from the cider long enough to get em on stage!


Local venues

Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge – GREAT smallish (125 capacity) cellar venue with stage/lighting and an ace sound system and sound engineer.  Above ground it’s a great creole restaurant and bar (great cocktails and decent beer). Many of the bands who play for us there think it’s one of THE very best small venues in the UK – and we won’t argue!  Huge beer gardens for when the sun is out, which we use for our all-dayers.

Ostrich Inn – Peterborough city centre real ale and craft beer pub (lots of gins too).  Owned and run by a music dad couple who took what Simon B. started there and have really run with it! Gigs are free entry / paid by the venue & us as you cannot really ticket nights there.  Since we started putting on shows here they have put in a dedicated PA, with on stage breakout box and power.  It’s not the ideal shape for gigs, but they are still cracking anyway!

Here We Aren’t – a ‘proper DIY venue’ – a small 40-50 cap room with stage/PA.  No ‘bar’, but they do sell soft and boozy drinks in the small entrance hall.  A great venue for smaller ticketed events, and Barry the owner who does the sound is a sound chap himself.