The Deadites, Greg Rekus and Tim Holehouse @ Ostrich Inn

The Deadites, Tim Holehouse, Greg Rekus, and Steve J Allen Gig

Local legends The Deadites, once local Steve Allen, plus Greg Rekus and Tim Holehouse make welcome returns to The Ostrich Inn, Peterborough.

Both Greg and Tim are old friends of the Scary Clown Presents, and also have warm memories of the Ostrich Inn.  Probably the hardest touring duo you’ll ever meet – we’re not sure Tim Holehouse even knows where he lives, as he’s constantly touring the world with his stunning delta blues voice.  Greg Rekus always ends every performance a total sweaty mess, as he always puts 100% effort into every show – putting his body and reputation on the line every time.

You hopefully already know the lovely lads who are The Deadites – they round the show off with their soulful melodic punk.

Opening the show and a late addition is Steve Allen, who is a singer Songwriter of original acoustic punk & folk, featured on BBC Introducing on Radio 6.

So this gig is totally free – we’ll probably kick off about 7.30pm – bring money* for drink and merch – buying something from an act really does help them out! * the bar takes card and cash, but bands normally need cold-hard Sterling!

Let us know you’re coming on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/3726848310872907  and please do share the event there and tell yer mates!

Venue:  2022 CAMRA pub of the year (Peterborough); The Ostrich Inn is our favourite city center boozer – it’s a ‘local’ pub, with proper characters behind the bar.  It’s probably the worst shape for a gig ever, but the owner landlords have put in a stage area, lighting, PA and sound desk, and you know what, gigs do work there.  It’s as intimate as you’ll ever find!  We’ve had far bigger names in the pub than anyone would ever think, and had some right rowdy nights!  They do great real ales, some craft keg beers, great gins, and hot pies.  It’s not a foodie pub, but you’re in the town center with lots of other grub choices nearby.   There’s a decent-sized car park opposite the pub entrance.  Also a cracking small beer garden outback.   IT WILL BE RAMMED FULL on the night, our gigs always are.

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Skate-Aid 7 – Online Streamed Version…

skate-aid 7 final poster

SKATE-AID 7 – The online streamed edition

With the last update from Boris, it’s clear we cannot hold this event as is at Mama Lizs.  Therefore all tickets have been refunded.  BUT: We are putting on a free online streamed version though, so ‘see’ you there!

All raising dosh for Skate-aid charity.  Donations on our Just Giving page here.  We also have a new designed t-shirt to go with the gig – pre-orders being taken up to end of this gig – have a nose here.

Venue now will be STAY HOME – ENJOY THE STREAM  Kicking off early Friday 19th June evening and then running from 2.30pm Saturday 20th June!

TO WATCH:  Join this Facebook group; https://www.facebook.com/groups/skateaid7/  where the artists will ‘go live’ and stream.  You can also say you’re going on the Facebook event page.



630 S.H.I.T.
715 Lily Gaskell
800 Lilith Ai
845 Gizz Butt (Janus Stark/English Dogs/The Prodigy)
930 Brad Arliss & Jimmys Headaches Punk Rawk Jukebox
1015 Jittery Jeff Gammill (Capitalist Kids) Live From U.S.A.
Saturday 20th June 
230 Tearing at The Seams
315 Charlie Genever
400 Ben Callanan
445 Petrol Boys
530 The Gusher
615 Mark Murphy (Crocodile God) 700 Nosebleed
745 Hello Mabel
830 The Kimberly Steaks
915 Roughneck Riot Bucket Pissers 945 Greg Rekus and Band (live from Canada)
1030 The Bellrays – (Lisa and Bob live from California)


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Resist! & The Ostrich Inn & SCP: Greg Rekus Vs Tim Holehouse

greg rekus and tim holehouse

In our first triple promotion – The Scary Clown Presents with Resist! Vegan Kitchen and The Ostrich Inn present….

The return of GREG REKUS (Canada) and Tim Holehouse!

This was a fantastic gig last year, so good we are repeating it!


Greg is a fantastic musician and song writer – and his ‘stomp box’ performance is something else.  This punk certainly ain’t dead!

Tim brings something different to our usual act – an amazing voice singing swamp blues straight out of the USA deep south (but he’s a local lad – go figure!).


Another totally free gig at the Ostrich Inn in Peterborough town centre – our favourite friendly boozer.

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Accoustic Night @ Ostrich, Peterborough

scary clown acoustic

The Scary Clown Presents… is pleased to bring you a special acoustic gig at the Ostrich Inn, Peterborough.  Yep that’s right, we’re putting a gig on in our hometown, and even better, it’s FREE!

Headlining:  Greg Rekus (ex High Five Drive,  After just finishing a massive USA tour Greg is coming to England, then heading to Scotland, and then a big euro tour before heading back to a Canadian Tour. As a favour to Scary Clown Gareth his has agreed to put on a show with his touring partner.  A great opportunity to see someone different!

And Tim Holehouse (UK) who plays Delta Blues


Plus local acoustic support from some of our good friends…

  • Jordy from A Great N- John returns to Peterborough for a short period so we’re pleased to have what will most probably be his only show before he jets off again

Thanks to Simon @ The Ostrich Inn for offering his great pub at short notice, and providing PA.

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