The Scary Clown Presents is DIY punk rock collective, bringing the best bands around to venues in and around Peterborough and Stamford.  Created by two like-minded rad blokes, Matty and Gareth who are now joined by Krispy and Jonny Fartpants.

  • I met Gareth eating the contents of an ashtray and then vomiting them into his glass in a pub we both drank in. I met him several times more at punk gigs at local venues and saw bands he was in and stuff. I remember being in a car park one afternoon with my arse out and people throwing a ball, trying to hit my arse. As I looked round Gareth was beside me, arse out, receiving the same treatment. It was at this point I realized, this guy is a right twat.Matty

With a DIY ethic at its core, passion over fashion, unity, non-profit shows. Door money pays for venues and bands. Party!

Wonk Unit Pizza Tramp and Scary Clown

Wonk Unit Pizza Tramp and Scary Clown Matty & Krispy