Blind Man Death Stare (Aus) + Support at Mama Lizs Voodoo Lounge

Blind Man Death Stare and Mean Caesar

Blind Man Death Stare + MEAN CAESAR + I Got Spiders + Sinful Maggie

March 23, 2019 Stamford, Lincs (United Kingdom)

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Time : 8pm
Venue : Mama Lizs Voodoo Lounge
Address : 9A North St, Stamford, Lincs
State : Lincs
Zip : PE9 1EL

When Alex Wonk gets in touch and tells you a band are awesome and you need to get them along to one of your shows, we listen! (Aerial Salad & Laserchrist anyone?!)

So we would love to give a massive pommy welcome to our Australian punk cousins, BLIND MAN DEATH STARE! 

Some of us managed to see them at this year’s Wonkfest – they also played the introducing stage at Rebellion. They are coming back to Europe next year, and we will be forcing them to stop and play like madmen down the Voodoo Lounge and eat space raiders before allowing them to leave.



BLIND MAN DEATH STARE – Australia’s hardest working DIY punk rock band. Raising the middle finger to the corporate fascist elite everyday . Anti sexist. Anti racist. Anti state. Pro Equality. Pro BDSM. Pro party. F**k labels.

MEAN CAESAR – a DIY Punk superband! The name is fairly new, but the members are beer sodden bunch of old hands 😉 Featuring current and ex-members of 46 Itchy, Atomic Newt Beaver, The Barrymores, Crystal P*ss, Emanican, Fletch Cadillac, Great Cynics, Handsome Man, Her High Heels, Horse, It’s Not OK, Love In Hundreds, The Murderburgers, Myelin, O’ Messy Life, Pure Graft, Up In Arms, Visual Offence, Werecats and Writhe.

SINFUL MAGGIE – set out to show people you can have a punk band with an accordion and not play Folk, Gypsy or Celtic Punk. Shared bills with the likes of Buzzcocks and Slaves. We’ve seen them play before and they are bloody good and catchy. Will get you moving and grooving.

I GOT SPIDERS – we were blown away by the local lads set at our last gig, so we thought who better to start this night in the right manner? Grapple punk at it’s best – starting the party!!