Punk Rock BBQ 2019


Time : 2pm – 11.30pm.  vegan BBQ, street art battles, stalls + chills – EIGHT punks bands from 5pm!
Venue : Mama Lizs Voodoo Lounge
Address : 9A North St, Stamford, Lincs, PE9 1EL
Rules: We are all about unity and respect and inclusivity.  Teenagers under 18 fine with a responsible adult down in the voodoo lounge.  The afternoon session is totally family friendly!  Unfortunately, the downstairs Voodoo Lounge venue is not wheelchair accessible, which is crap but it’s a very old building.

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Battle lines street art

Battle lines street art battles joining the party

Our annual Spring Punk Rock BBQ!!

You know the score. We start (vegan) BBQing and hanging out for the afternoon. No bands until 5pm but hangs from 2pm. Exotic Pet Refuge will be bringing THOR again, because whats a Punk Rock BBQ without an Eagle Owl right? There will be a special one-off brew from Wal served during afternoon only. RESIST! Vegan Kitchen will be cooking from their fantastic menu for the afternoon. BATTLE LINES! Yep Prin is bringing the amazing street art battle for our afternoon entertainment.  Plus stalls – we’ve got our friends from the Hunt Sabs coming along, plus Becky and her amazing punk crochet + more.

Come along, hang out, have a natter, meet cool folks, then get punk rocking for the evening!!!  We’ve got a crammed DIY Punk show for you from 5pm!


MILLOY!!  (they stole the show at Podstock, he had to bring em along)


The Fuckin’ Glorious

Dead Neck

Rotten Foxes

The Atoms



Teens under 18 with a responsible adult.