Mama Liz’s 10 Year Celebration Gig: Matildas Scoundrels + Pizza Tramp


Time : 8pm, Saturday 27th October 2018
Venue : Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge
Address : 9A North St, Stamford, Lincs, PE9 1EL

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To celebrate Mama Lizs turning 10 years old we’re gonna have a party innit!!!

Line-up is complete, we’ve got guaranteed floor fillers for this gig – got to party right when Mama Liz’s hits the big 10!  Seriously with more venues closing around the UK, it’s SO important to get out to gigs and support those venues which still dare to put live ORIGINAL music on.  The heart of a thriving music scene.  Michael and the gang at the Voodoo Lounge have always been very welcoming to us Scary Clowns, so how better to celebrate than bring along…

MATILDAS SCOUNDRELS – a folk party punk band from Hastings which you seem to see on hundreds of gig fliers!  About time we brought em up to get dancing – one of the best bands on the DIY scene.

PIZZA TRAMP – omg the boys from Wales are coming back – and we know you love these three silly chaps.  Come and see them smash the place up, get drunk, and probably blow your minds.

S.H.I.T.  brutal punk rock

Johnny Utah – Anthemic sing-alongs ahoy – one of the few cover bands we’ll ever allow through our door!