First Five Years – Compilation Double Album On Coloured Vinyl

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Our huge coloured (double) vinyl album!  A DIY Punk compilation and 16-page photobook with 12 never before released tracks from Wonk Unit & loads more, and free download code for digital version.

82 minutes of the best of the punk scene on two slices of vinyl.  £17 + £2.95 p&p (UK).  ON SALE £15!

Digital only version only (£7) available on our bandcamp page.

Scroll down for full details / images and track list!

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photobook arrived

photobook arrived!

RELEASED 28th JAN 2019!!  We are extremely proud and pleased to be able to offer our very first compilation punk album, The First Five Years.  Scroll down for the full tracklisting.  Released as a double vinyl album only, in a special wide spine thicker sleeve, with each album in a different colour – see the image below!  Includes bandBandcampnload code for your digital needs, and a 16 page, A4 page size photo-booklet featuring images from our gigs and the bands who have played our shows. £17 + £2.95 p&p (UK).

Features 12 NEVER BEFORE RELEASED tracks (or new versions of tracks), by Wonk Unit, Pizzatramp, Simon Wells, The Raging Nathans, Beverley Kills, The Deadites, Matildas Scoundrels, Not Tonight and The Headaches, The No Marks, Ducking Punches, The Atoms, and Pardon Us.


We are very proud of this our first album – yes, of course, we didn’t play any of the tracks, the magnificent bands did all that hard work – we just pulled the tracks together and begged and borrowed photos for the images (cheers to Mark Richards for the album cover images).


Hopefully, this is the biggest and best DIY Punk compilation ever put onto wax – it’s a treat for your ears!

Scary Clown First Five Years album

All the hard work has paid off, the album in its glory


We wanted to showcase the amazing bands who have played with us in our first five years promoting and putting on shows in this amazing DIY Punk scene.  We’ve had over 110 bands play for us during that time, so we couldn’t, unfortunately, feature them all.   We put out the call – and bands responded in amazing numbers.  So th,is album features 33 different bands, most but not all still gigging, with 82 minutes of pristine punk rock covering a large range of the sub-genres of our vibrant scene.  So that also means this is a DOUBLE ALBUM, two slices of coloured vinyl.  It will come in a single heavyweight sleeve (not a gatefold), designed for two albums.  We will add a 16-page photo and info booklet celebrating the bands and our gigs.  If you’ve been to one of our parties you may see yourself in the booklet!  The release is limited to 300 copies.  Each copy will include a printed download code, so yes you will get a high-quality digital download you can use with any player/phone/iTunes, or stream via our bandcamp page.  At this point in time we are NOT releasing this in any other form than the collectors vinyl – so NO CD.  It’s something we may do at a later date, but for now, we wanted something really special.

 Track list

* indicates never before released or a new version of an existing track

  1. Circling the drain – Faintest Idea
  2. Spy vs spy* – Not Tonight and the Headaches
  3. Though bloodshot and blurry – Grand Collapse
  4. Draw the line – Menshevik
  5. Grey – Vanilla Pod
  6. Oh, Ethyl – Laserchrist
  7. Welcome to the party pal – The Siknotes
  8. Anna* – Wonk Unit
  9. Pride before a fall – Human Project
  10. Something to talk about* – The Atoms
  11. There is no hope – Wolfbeast Destroyer
  12. What ya goonna do – Nosebleed
  13. Six years* – Ducking Punches
  14. Hierarchicide – Bolshy
  15. Hiraeth – Darko
  16. See you ringside – Spoilers
  17. We are the Scary Clowns* – Pizzatramp
  18. Apologies – Airstream Futures
  19. Pushing poison – Deadbeat at Dawn
  20. Final song – Crocodile God
  21. On the way out* – The Deadites
  22. Currupted system – Incisions
  23. Whiskey and blood – A Great Notion
  24. Survivor – Petrol Girls
  25. Lost Weekend* – Pardon Us
  26. Guuurl – Baby Seals
  27. Standing Still – The Capitalist Kids
  28. Heathen* – Matildas Scoundrels
  29. Porcelain* – The No Marks
  30. Emily* – The Raging Nathans
  31. Oriental I – Dead Neck
  32. Wreck me not* – Beverley Kills
  33. Martin* – Simon Wells

All songs remain copyright of the original artists, songs used with permission.

Thanks to

Aston at Key Production / Boss Tuneage records for the help getting this DIY punk album made.  Matt Cade for producing the vinyl masters from the submitted sound files.  All the bands and individuals who have tracks on the album, and those who submitted a track or just missed out on the deadline.  Keiran for giving us a boot up the arse to get this made.  Our mates for telling us it was a good idea.  Our poor wives and families for all the time it’s taken away from you!



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