Xmas Punk Party Gig @ Ostrich Inn

2023 xmas punk party poster

After last years Friday Xmas bash, we thought let’s do it all again!  Originally we thought, this time, we will keep it smaller scale – just a few local bands, a few ales…

Then of course it blew up and has become a four-band (from across the UK) massive night – FREE ENTRY – our Xmas gift to you lot!
Bands, beers, friends and fun – the Scary Clown way, all at our favourite Peterborough boozer, The Ostrich Inn.


SPOILERS – Kent’s finest and tightest (and they would say, best looking) melodic punks come back once again to play one of our shows.  Always a joy to host em.
SHACKLEFORD – it took us too long to bring these lot to one of our gigs, and since then we’ve been trying to find another excuse.  Melodic punk with harmonies, just what the dr ordered!
THE ATOMS – talking about tight fast songs, The Atoms are another of our mainstay bands, well Joe is, his line-ups change more frequently than our underwear 😉
PLOT 32 – coming down from Leeds, Plot 32 bring the party with em – drunken ska-punk with songs about murderous butchers and drinking.  What’s not to like?

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2022 Xmas Party Gig @ Ostrich Inn

diaz brothers xmas party gig

The Ostrich Inn and Scary Clown Presents…
A Christmas Work Event…

Get this one in your diary – a proper Xmas party gig (FREE ENTRY) at our favourite Peterborough boozer, The Ostrich Inn.  It’s FRIDAY 23rd December – so it’s going to be Xmas chaos – Christmas Eve Eve punk rock party!

We’ve loaded our Xmas hamper with some amazing bands – it’s going to be one hell of a free entry gig!!    DIAZ BROTHERS return for their 2nd Scary Clown gig – they are so good we went and watched them in Nottingham recently to confirm our first impression.   We know some of you loved the SCENE KILLERS when they played Skate-aid 8 this year, so we’re bringing em back!  Everyone loves THE ATOMS – they bring their tight and fast as feck punk to the Ostrich for the first time.  And we love to bring you new bands, and they don’t get much newer than APPROACH WITH CAUTION – a new band from Loius Pitcher – Steve Pod’s more talented son 🙂    So four full bands all travelling to Peterborough for you – and it’s FREE ENTRY!

So put on your best Xmas clobber (or don’t, totally up to you!) and come down the Ostrich for some good old-fashioned punk fun!

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The Punk Rock BBQ Gig! Six Bands @ Mama Lizs

punk rock bbq 2022 with The Hip Priests


Pay on the door!

Our half-dayer may not have the history of Skate-aid all-dayer, but it’s already one of your favorite gigs of the year.  We’ve been planning it for some time – vegan BBQ food (burgers and dogz), the bands… so get 30th April 2022 in your diaries and make sure you buy your tickets – and remember – it’s an afternoon start for eating food and socializing with great people… then we head down into Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge from 6pm for six bands of music.

Tacos and Flip Fops now cannot unfortunately make the day, so instead the Scary Clown posse will be cooking up a treat from 2pm (menu below). Brewer Warren will be putting together a special one-off craft beer that will be sold 2 to 6 whilst we cook up a storm. All beer and food profits will go direct to Sadie and her family (see below).

Advance tickets now OFF SALE – so pay at the door only (£13.50 – doors 5.45pm), or see us in the lower beer garden to pay by card/cash to get a wristband for entry.

Yep that’s right… SIX BANDS, food, beers & and hangs from 2pm, music from 6pm.   Good times!


Sadie Kemp. So our pal Becky got in touch and told us a story about her friend Sadie Kemp and the battle she is currently having. Sadie was admitted to the hospital at Christmas with sepsis and went into a coma. Her life was in danger but she pulled through and is now recovering. Unfortunately, her limbs have suffered considerably and she is still facing a medical battle and some life changing times ahead. Becky is organizing an event in their local in Sawtry but when she told us Sadies story we wanted to do something too. Becky told us about how Sadie has kept her sense of humour, about her determination to recover, and her love of rock and heavy music. Sadie is also a Mum to 2 kids.  So there will be a collection and a RAFFLE on the day.  This story has now made national news.

The bands have all been pestered and are very happy to donate merch for prizes so there will be a raffle of 6 prize draws with a ticket pulled by each band at the start of their set. Each merch prize will be topped up with other stuff from folks we are going to harass to donate. We will put one of our five test pressings of the Scary Clown compilation into the prize mix. Its a win win. Anyone that has a prize to add to one of the 6 prize hampers give us a shout (through our Facebook page).

COVID STRIKES AGAIN – The Domestics have had to pull out last minute, so Parallel States from Notts join the fun!


Advance tickets now OFF SALE – so pay at the door only (£13.50 – doors 5.45pm), or see us in the lower beer garden to pay by card/cash to get a wristband for entry.

Punk rock bbq menu


Fyzz W prize bundle – Fyzz Wallis Band merch, a cake!  Das Kapitans Merch, Fuzz and the Felts shirt
Parallel States prize bundle – Domestics merch, Chewed Up/Casual Nausea split vinyl, 2 x 7″ vinyl tribute to Tom Waits and Tribute to ROTPM
The Atoms prize bundle – The Atoms merch, Spoilers merch, Scary Clown zip hoody, Scary Clown Sweatshirt
The Fuckin Glorious bundle – TFG merch, test pressing of The First Five Years Scrary Clown double vinyl, English Rose Tattoo merch and Vouchers
The Meffs bundle – Meffs merch, Wagamamas meal for 2 voucher, The Menstrual Cramps merch
The Hip Priests bundle – Hip Priests merch, £100 voucher for Dan Allen Tattoo in Norwich.
This is the swag we have so far. More goodies may arrive this week before Saturday. If stuff arrives in time I’ll add it to a prize bundle or 2.

Tickets a measly pound each. All coffers to Sadie. Prize is drawn at the start of each set.

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Punk Rock BBQ 2019 vs Battle Lines vs Resist!

Malloy headline Punk rock bbq apr 2019
Battle lines street art

Battle lines street art battles joining the party

Our annual Spring Punk Rock BBQ!!

You know the score. We start (vegan) BBQing and hanging out for the afternoon. No bands until 5pm but hangs from 2pm. Exotic Pet Refuge will be bringing THOR again, because whats a Punk Rock BBQ without an Eagle Owl right?  There will be a special one-off brew from Wal served during afternoon only. RESIST! Vegan Kitchen will be cooking from their fantastic menu for the afternoon. BATTLE LINES! Yep Prin is bringing the amazing street art battle for our afternoon entertainment (will be in the backroom behind the bar in case of showers).  Plus stalls – we’ve got our friends from the Hunt Sabs coming along, plus Becky and her amazing punk crochet + more.

Come along, hang out, have a natter, meet cool folks, then get punk rocking for the evening!!!  We’ve got a crammed DIY Punk show for you from 5pm!    Advance tickets sold out so now it’s £15 on the door.  Come early to ensure entry!  

AMAZING 8 BAND LINE-UP down in the voodoo lounge

Milloy to headline!  https://milloy.bandcamp.com/

Dead Neck https://www.facebook.com/deadneckhc/

Nieviem https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1613340642311810&ref=br_rs

Mug https://www.facebook.com/mugrocks/

The Fuckin’ Glorious https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=712845438885497&ref=br_rs

Rotten Foxes https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1528055474176931&ref=br_rs

The Atoms https://www.facebook.com/theatomsuk/

Natterers https://www.facebook.com/natterersband/

Teens under 18 with a responsible adult. Advance tickets sold out so now it’s £15 on the door.  Come early to ensure entry!  


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Janus Stark and Friends at the Ostrich Inn

Janus Stark reformed first UK gig

Peterborough punk legend Gizz Butt Gets the Band Back Together – Janus Stark first UK gig in many years!

Yep you’ve read right, Peterborough’s own guitar god has reformed his late 90’s punk band Janus Stark, and they will start their comeback with us at the Ostrich Inn. Come along to this free entry gig and be part of a little bit of local history.  Note the early start!  First band playing 7.30pm sharp.


JANUS STARK – back in action after a hiatus and playing their first hometown gig in umpteen years!

THE ATOMS – Fresh the golden beaches of the east midlands the finest surf threesome in all of Derby

PUNCH DRUNK – Punk/Pop/Grunge/Emo/Rock from Nottingham

PETROL BOYS – P Town Three piece punk/hip-hop/reggae band


The Ostrich Inn is a fantastic small venue – while it’s not your idea gig venue, it makes up for its size and shape with an amazing buzzing atmosphere.  The landlord Simon is growing the pub at the heart of a bit of an artistic revolution in Peterborough – hosting artists work, art battle nights, vegan popup food, and plenty of original music gigs, including working with us to bring the DIY Punk scene to the heart of Peterborough town, putting on free entry gigs to help bring new people to the scene.

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The Scary Clown Presents a Punk Rock BBQ & Flea Market

Wonk Unit april bbq 2018

wonk and raging nathans official posterAn afternoon of a Vegan BBQ and Flea Market and hanging with the good folks followed by a 7 band evening spectacular in the voodoo lounge.  Afternoon open to all – tickets required for music later.   Mama Liz’s opens 12 noon and I expect we shall be there on the dot to set-up.. BBQ feeding from 2.30pm … bands downstairs from 5.30pm sharp!   See you there!

This year we welcome back the mighty WONK UNIT who are touring with THE RAGING NATHANS from the US of A!

Our ‘all dayer’ events are legendary – and our April BBQ event is always sold out.   This is a special gig, part of Wonk Unit and The Raging Nathan’s big UK joint headline tour!   Yep we only bring the finest in DIY Punk for your entertainment.  We’ve got a lot of friends playing this gig, plus some bands breaking their SCP cherry!

Any age allowed if accompanied by an adult over 18.

UPDATE:   TICKETS SOLD OUT!  Yep we sold out three weeks early!


Tokyo Rankers 5.30-5.55pm
The Atoms 6.15-6.40pm
Beverley Kills 7-7.25pm
Wolfbeast Destroyer 7.45-8.15pm
Vanilla Pod 8.35-9.05pm
The Raging Nathans 9.25-10pm
Wonk Unit 10.30-11.30pm

Wonk Unit – https://www.facebook.com/wonkunitband/?ref=br_rs
The Raging Nathans – https://www.facebook.com/TheRagingNathans/
Vanilla Pod – https://www.facebook.com/vanillapodrock/
Wolfbeast Destroyer – https://www.facebook.com/wolfbeastcrust/
Beverley Kills – https://www.facebook.com/BeverleyKills/?ref=br_rs
The Atoms – https://www.facebook.com/theatomsuk/
The Tokyo Rankers – https://www.facebook.com/TheToykoRankers/


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The Scary Clowns Xmas Party 2017

Xmas Party night!!!!!   Another of our regular legendary parties – come wearing a xmas hat or bring some party poppers,  Or just come and enjoy a great friendly night of punk / ska / hardcore and some lovely drinks!

TICKETS NOW ON THE DOOR ONLY – £8.50 for four bands and obscene amounts of fun 🙂

UPDATE:  We are collecting for the local food bank, to help those less fortunate at this seasonal time.  Bring standard Xmas selection box type bars (not big bars) and feel warm inside!
UPDATE:  Last minute bad news, but then good news… Bono have had to pull out .. but The Atoms join us instead!


Bolshy from Liverpool are gonna make you shake your baubles x https://www.facebook.com/bolshyliverpool/
The Crash Mats are a total party band!!  Ska and Fun.  https://www.facebook.com/TheCrashMats/
The Atoms went down a storm at their last gig for us, do-whop rock-n-roll punk with attitude! https://www.facebook.com/theatomsuk/ 
The Deadites are firm Scary Clown favourites and damn sexy too! https://www.facebook.com/thedeaditesuk/

TICKETS NOW ON THE DOOR ONLY – £8.50 for four bands and obscene amounts of fun 🙂




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Calva Louise Return, plus Nosebleed, Snakerattlers, The Atoms

Calva Louise gig

Calva Louise return their poisonous bubblegum psyche garage to the Voodoo Lounge to Headline after making a massive impression on the venue last year.  MANY people who saw them rate them as the best band we’ve ever put on, one of the greatest live bands they’ve ever seen – some praise!

Nosebleed are one of the most exciting bands in the UK right now and Mama we missed them! Best dressed Garage Punk band in Yorkshire x

Snakerattlers make there Stamford debut and are coming to shake your bones with there reverb drenched rockin death punk.

The Atoms – The Atoms return from somewhere between The Buzz cocks and Buddy Holly. Hailing from the Surf capital of the world, Derby, England.


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