Subhumans in Stamford 2024

Subhumans gig stamford 2024

SUNDAY 31st March 2024




Yep Matty has done it again and booked another massive band who mean so much to us old punks.  Still smashing it up and down the country, the amazing SUBHUMANS are coming to Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge in Stamford.

A cheeky Sunday show – it’s EASTER Sunday so it’s bank holiday Monday after, no excuses!


Scene Killers
Diablo Furs

Tickets £17.50


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WONK UNIT & Aerial Salad in Stamford

wonk unit and aerial salad 18 nov stamford

The Scary Clown Presents…


Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge, Stamford, Lincs.
Krispy’s 50th Birthday Bash Gig!


BAD COP BAD COP NO LONGER PLAYING (Ask for refund on our FB page)

OK Due to the ongoing COVID situation – more so in Europe, a lot of touring American bands have moved their tours to 2022.  BAD COP BAD COP have just announced today (25th May) that their tour is also now not happening this year, so we’re really sad to say they won’t be playing this show now.

THE SHOW MUST GO ON – and WONK UNIT are still very much on.   Alex suggested that we bring their (and our) good friends AERIAL SALAD in as replacements, and who are we to argue?   The Salad lads have stormed the scene since we put them on in one of their very first gigs, and now are bright lights with a 2nd smashing album.   We will fully refund anyone who now does not wish to attend – contact us via our Facebook page please, plus we will be reducing the ticket price down to £10 so will be issuing £5 refunds later on (no need to contact us!).   It’s also Scary Clown Krispy’s 50th birthday gig – so we’ll be celebrating!

WONK UNIT!   The spiritual “leaders” of the UK DIY Punk scene – with ‘Daddy Wonk’ holding court every time he is on stage.  Wonk Unit must have played more SCP gigs than any other band – they played our first, probably will play our last!  Should have a new album out by this gig too!
AERIAL SALAD – it’s about time this Manchester band came and played for us again, especially since they’ve trailed a blaze of glory in the DIY scene since we first put them on.
SPRAINER.  I believe Sprainer played their first gig for us – and opened one of our all dayers in total darkness without the mic turned on (wasn’t their fault!) – so real troopers.  The fact they play amazing tight sing-along melodic punk also stands them in good stead.  They seem so young (to us), but are already veterans of the punk scene.

Please note this is a THURSDAY NIGHT GIG!  Doors 7:30pm Thurs 18th November 2021 @ Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge, Stamford, PE9 1EL

Ticket are £10 for this one – as it’s a massive double headliner banger and it’s going to be a bit special like!  TICKETS HERE


wonk unit current line-up

Our great friends WONK UNIT coming back to Stamford in 2021

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Skate-Aid 6 DIY Punk All Dayer

Skate-aid 6 with Wonk unit

14 acts, one massive all dayer of a punk gig!  Our Skate-aid 6 all-dayer is our biggest diy punk gig of the year, taking over upstairs and downstairs, inside and outside!  We start with three great bands downstairs, then back up to the beer garden for an amazing vegan BBQ outside by our good mates at Resist! Vegan Kitchen.  Enjoy the June sun as you chill with a cold drink, decent food, great company, and FOUR acoustic acts in the back bar.

Probably a specially brewed beer again, helping to raise money for Skate-aid charity.  Possibly a few stalls too – and all in aid of Skate-aid charity, raising funds to put skate-parks in some of the worlds most deprived areas of the world.

Our headliner is once again the mighty kings of the DIY punk scene in the UK – WONK UNIT!   Alex Wonk brings the gang back once more to play one of our gigs – it’s a Scary Clown Presents institution!



evening session…

The Crippens
The Menstrual Cramps
The Siknotes
The Long Game (aka Skaciety)
The Deadites

acoustic session…

Mark Murphy (Croc Gods/No Marks)
Sam Maloney (Mixtape Saints)
Christian Smith
Arms and Hearts  

early session…

Not for You
Punch Drunk
Petrol. Boys



Wonk Unit 10.45-11.30
The Crippens 9.55-10.25
Menstrual Cramps 9.05-9.35
Siknotes 8.15-8.45
The Long Game 7.25-7.55
Sprainer 6.35-7.05
Deadites 5.45-6.15

Mark Murphy 4.30-5pm
Sam Maloney 4-4.25
Christian Smith 3.30-3.55
Arms & Hearts 3-3.25

Not for You 2.10-2.40
Petrol Boys 1.20-1.50
Punch Drunk 12.30-1

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Spoilers Blow the Ostrich Away

spoilers gig ostrich

Our friends the SPOILERS are bringing their new album and plenty of catchy punk tunes on the road, and we will capture them and make them play at the Ostrich Inn, Peterborough, on Saturday, 17th November.

Also bringing the banging tunes are pboro’s finest, THE DEADITES, plus a band who played their first gig at our all dayer recently, the already bloody good SPRAINER.

It’s not a party without MARK MURPHY – a real Scary Clown veteran – his bands the No Marks and Crocodile God have rocked our gigs many times previously.

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The Scary Clown Presents Christmas time for Losers with Hummer

xmas 2018 with sprainer and hummer

No December would be complete without a Scary Clown Presents… XMAS PARTY GIG.  So of course we’ve organised one! TICKETS ON THE DOOR ONLY NOW

At our Stamford venue Mama Liz’s we have assembled four bands who are all going to get a party started and ended!  Three new bands for us, Hummer, Nieviem and Sprainer (replacing the Kirkz at last minute) and making a welcome return, the party animals themselves, The Crash Mats!  Join us for an Xmas themed party gig!  Bring yer party hat!


We will be doing our tradition chocolate bar collection at this Xmas party gig. Please buy a few bars so we can donate them so some less fortunate folk can have a small treat thanks to lovely punks as yourselves!  

Christmas time for losers in Mama Lizs Voodoo Lounge with…

Hummer https://www.facebook.com/hummerpunkrock/
The Crash Mats https://www.facebook.com/TheCrashMats/
Sprainer – super subs from Peterborough step in last minute to save the day.  Cracking band they are too!
Nieviem – https://www.facebook.com/nieviem/


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