Snakerattlers Come to Destroy the Ostrich Inn

snakeratters vs ostrich

Hot on the heels of Nosebleed on the 11th May, we’ve got the Snakerattlers making their first SCP return, as they tour the UK joining us at our second home, the Ostrich Inn in Peterborough town centre.

A FREE GIG (unfortunately pay for your beers!), this is going to be a big night of dirty rock-n-roll.   If you’ve not seen the husband and wife intense duo which is the Snakerattlers, you are in for a treat!

THE SNAKERATTLERS! A hellbound voyage of rockabilly, garage and traditional gum-chewing greaser rock and roll.  After impressing at a SCP gig last year, we are happy to welcome back the rattle-rock duo SNAKERATTLERS! This time playing a more intimate gig at the Ostrich Inn. Get ready to be seduced by that rattle-rock sound! Just don’t look Dan in those snake-eyes too long – you may never be the same again!http://www.snakerattlers.com/music.html

UNDYING SWAN ACT – coming all the way from Boston… UK. A band breaking their cherry at the SCP gig. We will not be gentle! Quite a unique sound.. like Cramps and the Fall had a bastard love child. Possibly. What do I know about music?! https://www.facebook.com/UndyingSwanAct/

PUBLIC GALLERY – wasn’t long ago none of us knew much about this band from Newark way, but they REALLY impressed at our last gig after stepping in very last minute. So we thought it only fair to give em a crack with more notice. I’m going to say a rock-n-roll tinged punk band with great catchy songs and lyrics you can clearly hear (never catch on!).https://www.facebook.com/Publicgalleryuk/

DOUBLE BRUCEY BONUS: Vegan grub by Resist! Vegan Kitchen. Yep Gareth returns with his amazing vegan treats.

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