Bad Cop Bad Cop & Wonk Unit Gig, Stamford 18 May 2023

BCBC and Wonk Unit 2023 May

BAD COP BAD COP & WONK UNIT + Jen Razavi (Jen Bombpop) + Headstone Horrors


Yep you’ve read that right – we have re-secured another top draw Fat Wreck band – coming all the way from California USA, BAD COP BAD COP!!   Unfortunately, the 2021 tour was canceled, and then Nov 2022 was POSTPONED – but finally, BC BC are coming to Stamford in May 2023.  And as they are touring with our best mates Wonk Unit – so just as originally planned.  It’s going to be another HUGE gig – the original 2021 gig sold out (but was replaced by a Wonk & Aerial Salad line-up).

BAD COP BAD COP of Fat Wreck fame will be touring (a delayed album launch) Europe in 2023, and will be playing many of the most famous venues in the UK for the DIY punk scene.  That, of course, includes our very own Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge in Stamford!  Don’t ask us how we’ve done it, or how many body parts we’ve had to sell to be able to bring you not only our amazing American headliners but also friends of SCP and leaders of the UK scene, WONK UNIT!   Just buy tickets as soon as you can and stop us going even greyer!

Support from HEADSTONE HORRORS!   + JEN RAZAVI (Jen from the Bombpops!)


Please note this is a THURSDAY NIGHT GIG!  Doors 7:30pm Thursday 18th May 2023 @ Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge, Stamford, PE9 1EL

Ticket are £15 for this one – as it’s a massive double headliner banger and it’s going to be a bit special like!  All tickets sold for the Nov 2022 postponed gig are STILL VALID.  If you want  to check you have tickets still – e-mail us at [email protected]

Our gigs at Mama Liz’s are safe places – no dickish behavior will be allowed – come and party and have fun.  Teenagers are fine if with an adult.  This old dedicated venue is a deep cellar with stairs down – so, unfortunately, is NOT very accessible, we all wish it was otherwise.  The main building upstairs is a great bar and restaurant (does bar food and has a large beer garden) – so it’s a cracking place to spend time eating and drinking – from real ales to cocktails.  There’s a car park opposite, which is often free after 6pm.  Stamford is a beautiful historic old stone town – you probably see it on TV quite a bit, so well worth getting there early to look around – it’s a bit posh which makes having punk gigs there all more fun.  


In a time of chronic rage, happiness is revolutionary.

Bad Cop Bad Cop has done angry. The band’s 2017 full-length, Warriors, was recorded in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election. The Los Angeles quartet’s new full-length, The Ride (Fat Wreck Chords, June 19th), shows what happens when you come out the other side of that anger.

“It’s not that I am just stoked or blind to suffering,” says singer-guitarist Jennie Cotterill. “I think anger is a legitimate and understandable reaction to injustice and wrongdoing. It’s just that for myself, I am trying to move past ‘reaction’ into productive ‘response.’”

The message BCBC is sending this time around is less about wagging your finger at others, or giving the middle one to the Man, than it is about self-love and acceptance. As Cotterill puts it, “Love is a more powerful truth than anger.” That positivity fuels many of The Ride’s tracks: “Originators,” “Simple Girl,” “Community,” “I Choose,” “Perpetual Motion Machine,” and “The Mirage” exude confidence, gratitude, and compassion. In 2020, such things qualify as contrarian.

“These are political statements—self-love is a huge fucking statement,” affirms singer-guitarist Stacey Dee. “Self-love means putting a fix on the problems at home before trying to fix everything in the world. It’s asking people to find it in themselves to create the life that they really want to have so they’re not in turmoil, so they’re not in a place of stress and sickness.”

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