CANCELLED: Svetlanas in Stamford

svetlanas gig in Stamford 4th Aug

The Scary Clown presents…

Svetlanas, Project Mork, Los Fatso Libres and Coup de Tete

Live at Mama Lizs Voodoo Lounge, Stamford.  4th August 2023

It’s not often we get the chance to put on touring bands from outside the UK, but when we get an offer, we try and bring the best of the punk scene to out punters.  As our mate Paul says; “Svetlanas are the best live punk band around at the moment. Bar none.”  So you better think about getting some tickets yeah?

Svetlanas are a Russian thrashcore and punk rock band formed in Moscow, Russia and based in Milan

We are mixing it up as always for this gig – bringing back local (ish) long time scene vets Project Mork – who went down an absolute storm the last time they played for us.  No gig is complete without some grapple punk yeah?  Los Fatso Libres bring the mexican wrestling punk action to the show, and back playing their unique dark fen punk sound is Coup De Tete!


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The Scary Clown Presents: The Crippens, Pizzatramp and Siknotes

crippins and pizzatramp gig poster

They’re back! The Crippens are coming to turn your pumpkins bad and what makes it worse is that they’re bringing Pizzatramp from the gutters of Wales with them. Rabies Babies had to cancel, so instead old friends and party punks The Siknotes join us, and rounding it off the dark fen sounds from Coup De Tete.

If you’ve not seen the magic of The Crippens live, you really must come along to this gig.  It’s a dark and funny surreal show – with some classic songs.  Totally bonkers band of the highest order.

Pizzatramp – well you should know what to expect – total mayhem from the Welsh thrashers.  Siknotes are one of those bands who always make a gig a party – total good old boys them.  Our mates Coup De Tete bring their dark fenland tales and fuzzy ukelele sound to open the party up.  UPDATE: This is the LAST EVER GIG for the Siknotes – so it’s extra special.


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