Skate-Aid 9 Punk All-Dayer

skate-aid 9 punk gig poster


Sat 17th June 2023 – SOMD OUT

The usual big day of bands, vegan BBQ, and even more bands!  Raising money for the amazing Skate-aid charity.  Now in our 9th year!  1pm start – 10.30pm finish downstairs (you can stay and boogie upstairs to the DJs till LATE).  SOLD OUT!


Evening do downstairs
Riskie & the Riddicule 9.45pm 10.30pm Mama Lizs opens 12 noon!
Casual Nausea 9pm 9.30pm Doors to Voodoo Lounge 1pm
In Evil Hour 8.15pm 8.45pm
Kicked in the Teeth 7.30pm 8pm BBQ 2pm 6pm
Electric Press 6.45pm 7.15pm (or whenever stock is sold out!)
Mondo Wave 6pm 6-30pm
Acoustic behind the main bar
Mark Murphy 5pm 5.30pm
Brad & his Grandad 4.30pm 4.55pm Beer Garden
Floetrizzle and RastaBabe3 4pm 4.25pm Battle Lines 4 5.50pm
First session downstairs
Yur Mum 3-30pm 4pm
Soviet Films 2-45pm 3-15pm
Shreds 2pm 2.30pm
The Morphics 1-15pm 1-45pm



Riskee and the Ridicule
Casual Nausea
In Evil Hour
Yur Mum
Kicked in the Teeth
Mondo Wave
Electric Press
Soviet Films
Mark Murphy
Floetrizzle and RastaBabe3
The Morphics
Brad & his Grandad

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Punk Rock BBQ 2019 vs Battle Lines vs Resist!

Malloy headline Punk rock bbq apr 2019
Battle lines street art

Battle lines street art battles joining the party

Our annual Spring Punk Rock BBQ!!

You know the score. We start (vegan) BBQing and hanging out for the afternoon. No bands until 5pm but hangs from 2pm. Exotic Pet Refuge will be bringing THOR again, because whats a Punk Rock BBQ without an Eagle Owl right?  There will be a special one-off brew from Wal served during afternoon only. RESIST! Vegan Kitchen will be cooking from their fantastic menu for the afternoon. BATTLE LINES! Yep Prin is bringing the amazing street art battle for our afternoon entertainment (will be in the backroom behind the bar in case of showers).  Plus stalls – we’ve got our friends from the Hunt Sabs coming along, plus Becky and her amazing punk crochet + more.

Come along, hang out, have a natter, meet cool folks, then get punk rocking for the evening!!!  We’ve got a crammed DIY Punk show for you from 5pm!    Advance tickets sold out so now it’s £15 on the door.  Come early to ensure entry!  

AMAZING 8 BAND LINE-UP down in the voodoo lounge

Milloy to headline!  https://milloy.bandcamp.com/

Dead Neck https://www.facebook.com/deadneckhc/

Nieviem https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1613340642311810&ref=br_rs

Mug https://www.facebook.com/mugrocks/

The Fuckin’ Glorious https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=712845438885497&ref=br_rs

Rotten Foxes https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1528055474176931&ref=br_rs

The Atoms https://www.facebook.com/theatomsuk/

Natterers https://www.facebook.com/natterersband/

Teens under 18 with a responsible adult. Advance tickets sold out so now it’s £15 on the door.  Come early to ensure entry!  


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