WONK UNIT & Aerial Salad in Stamford

wonk unit and aerial salad 18 nov stamford

The Scary Clown Presents…


Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge, Stamford, Lincs.
Krispy’s 50th Birthday Bash Gig!


BAD COP BAD COP NO LONGER PLAYING (Ask for refund on our FB page)

OK Due to the ongoing COVID situation – more so in Europe, a lot of touring American bands have moved their tours to 2022.  BAD COP BAD COP have just announced today (25th May) that their tour is also now not happening this year, so we’re really sad to say they won’t be playing this show now.

THE SHOW MUST GO ON – and WONK UNIT are still very much on.   Alex suggested that we bring their (and our) good friends AERIAL SALAD in as replacements, and who are we to argue?   The Salad lads have stormed the scene since we put them on in one of their very first gigs, and now are bright lights with a 2nd smashing album.   We will fully refund anyone who now does not wish to attend – contact us via our Facebook page please, plus we will be reducing the ticket price down to £10 so will be issuing £5 refunds later on (no need to contact us!).   It’s also Scary Clown Krispy’s 50th birthday gig – so we’ll be celebrating!

WONK UNIT!   The spiritual “leaders” of the UK DIY Punk scene – with ‘Daddy Wonk’ holding court every time he is on stage.  Wonk Unit must have played more SCP gigs than any other band – they played our first, probably will play our last!  Should have a new album out by this gig too!
AERIAL SALAD – it’s about time this Manchester band came and played for us again, especially since they’ve trailed a blaze of glory in the DIY scene since we first put them on.
SPRAINER.  I believe Sprainer played their first gig for us – and opened one of our all dayers in total darkness without the mic turned on (wasn’t their fault!) – so real troopers.  The fact they play amazing tight sing-along melodic punk also stands them in good stead.  They seem so young (to us), but are already veterans of the punk scene.

Please note this is a THURSDAY NIGHT GIG!  Doors 7:30pm Thurs 18th November 2021 @ Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge, Stamford, PE9 1EL

Ticket are £10 for this one – as it’s a massive double headliner banger and it’s going to be a bit special like!  TICKETS HERE


wonk unit current line-up

Our great friends WONK UNIT coming back to Stamford in 2021

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The Scary Clown Presents Mama Lizs’ is TEN Celebration half-dayer gig!

DIY Punk 7 bands with Capitalist Kids

To celebrate Mama Lizs Voodoo Lounge turning 10 years old we’re gonna have a party innit!!!  And it’s one of our famous 1/2 dayer gigs, with vegan BBQ from Resist! Vegan Kitchen during the afternoon, and 7 bands belting it out downstairs from 5.30pm!   Tickets now available on the door,!

Line-up is complete, we’ve got guaranteed floor fillers for this gig – got to party right when the Voodoo Lounge hits the big 10!  Seriously with more venues closing around the UK, it’s SO important to get out to gigs and support those venues which still dare to put live ORIGINAL music on. The heart of a thriving music scene. Michael and the gang at the Voodoo Lounge have always been very welcoming to us Scary Clowns, so how better to celebrate than bring along…

Afternoon chill and Vegan BBQ from 2pm, music downstairs from 5.15pm

UPDATE:  Brassick have had to bail due to illness, so the amazing Padon Us from Liverpool are stepping in!


THE CAPITALIST KIDS – Tight punk power pop from Austin Texas LP available on Brassneck Records.

MATILDAS SCOUNDRELS – a folk party punk band from Hastings which you seem to see on hundreds of gig fliers! About time we brought em up to get dancing – one of the best bands on the DIY scene.

PIZZA TRAMP – omg the boys from Wales are coming back – and we know you love these three silly chaps. Come and see them smash the place up, get drunk, and probably blow your minds.

AERIAL SALAD – Welcome and overdue return for the Manchester trio who have been touring like loonies since their last visit!!!

PARDON US – these last-minute replacements more than hold their own on this line-up! Their first visit to Mama Liz’s went down a storm, and we expect a repeat performance from these Liverpudlian fast melodic three-piece!

JOHNNY UTAH – Paying tribute to a time were music was valid, urgent, fun, and vital. Johnny Utah provide you with punk rock anthems of the 80’s and early 90’s

S.H.I.T. – brutal 4 chord punk rock reminiscent of Mower era Chaos UK

Tickets now available on the door!

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Punk Rock BBQ 2017

Scary Clown April Punk BBQ
limited green tee

Buy tix auto entry prize draw: our limited green t-shirt – put your shirt size in comments when you checkout!

Scary Clowns Punk Rock BBQ and half dayer is an afternoon spent hanging out and BBQing in the awesome surroundings of Mama Lizs followed up with a relentless 7 band onslaught in the Voodoo Lounge from late afternoon till Midnight. Possibly our most fun and best attended date of last year. Will be using this event to raise a few (s)quid for Sea Shepherd too!!!


Okay final few tweaks and running order sorted all times are approx and subject to influence of alcoholism.

BBQ will Start at 2.30: Come hang and try some of Gareth finest menu yet, expect burgers, pulled jackfruit, seitan kebabs and more. Fully Vegan Menu and gluten free options too!  Plus a vegan craft beer brewed special (obviously lots of lovely drinks at the main bar too!).

BONUS:  Limited Edition T-shirt Prize draw – ALL WHO BUY ADV TIX ARE IN THE DRAW!  Street Trash/Scary Clown tee-shirt in bright punk green!   Put your t-shirt size in the comments when you checkout in case you win!  Tees to be handed out on the day.


About 4pm Jordy from A Great Notion will be serenading you whilst you chomp on your BBQ delights in an unplugged set hopefully in the sunshine!!!

5.30 Soviet Films – Sonic Hamster Butchery from PTownhttps://www.facebook.com/sovietfilms/?fref=ts
6.15 The Atoms – Its Joes birthday, its gonna get messy!https://www.facebook.com/theatomsuk/?fref=ts
7.00 Ariel Salad – Manchester New Blood on Alex Wonks Labelhttps://www.facebook.com/aerialsaladband/?fref=ts
7.45 Not Tonight and the Headaches – Sweet pop punk singalongs from Grimsby https://www.facebook.com/nottonightandtheheadaches/?fref=ts
8.35 The No Marks – Welcome return for melody driven Scouse punkers https://www.facebook.com/thenomarks1/?fref=ts
9.35 Vanilla Pod – Anything could happen!!!!! You know the score.https://www.facebook.com/vanillapodrock/?fref=ts
10.30 Faintest Idea – TNS Rudeboy/girl Street Punk back to make you shake!!!! https://www.facebook.com/Faintestidea/?fref=ts


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